Promoting myself in a Hacker Con



Tiempo de lectura ~ 1 minuto

I’m giving a speech in September in Valencia, Spain, about Internet Censorship and how to fight against it. But the event itself is a huge opportunity to meet people interested in hacking, security and even find job opportunities. So I struggled to think a way to make myself noticed. I spent a while thinking the most geek things, and I selected a few of them, now I’m sharing one:

QR code temporary tattoo linked to my CV webpage. I’m a big fan of tattoos, I already have three, and not long ago I thought “hey it would be cool to have a QR code on me”. Of course I wouldn’t tattoo myself for this event but having a temporary tattoo is a fun, cheap, easy idea to promote myself. Today they arrived in my home, so I decided to try one of them (I bought a bunch!) and it worked perfectly.I bought them in and designed it online. I created my webpage using github and html W3C templates. It was a lot of fun, and if it works and grabs some hackers attention, it will be even better!

Hope you liked this tip. Please share your tips for grabbing professional attention in tech if you feel like it!

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