Internet censorship device



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I spent my day in creating an arduino toy I want to use in an incoming speech I’ll give in a sec convention, about internet censorship.

Internet censorship is a huge problem, and several associations and ngo’s are fighting against it, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation , Reporters sans frontiers, TOR, and others. But sometimes, in our comfortable position as a regular user (and even tho suffering surveillance and such) we forget about other countries, that block the access to sites such as facebook, twitter, wikipedia and others.

This device I created today, uses a simple rgb led in arduino connected o a python script, which reads tool for network scanning logs in order to turn on a red led when the users in the network being scanned by bro log in this kind of sites that are becoming a “privilege”. This won’t stop anything, but might make us realise our huge luck and that situation shouldn’t be like that.

In this repository you can find a very easy version of the program, implemented in Linux, completely open for you to copy, improve or read.

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