Due to my work I tend to use brute force lists a lot, mostly to test incorrect login management. Sometimes I feel I get really close to correct passwords either guessing or using profiling tools. I don’t know if some of you, when it comes to change the default or old passwords you just take your old one and change it a bit. That’s mostly wrong btw.

In any case recently I felt like hand-writing customized lists out of guessing on a text file was a poorly decision, so I decided to create a command that creates fitted guessing options from a fitting range using a genetic algorithm. I created a GitLab repo in order to share it and I’d like to improve it, mostly because I know C++ might not be the best option and also because I’m open to suggestions, in general.

If you are curious please check and merge request your ideas!

Example of use with a sample guessed password and the desired fitness 2:

$ ./jockpass myPasswordGu3ss 2

Also written in: https://dev.to/terceranexus6/genetic-algorithms-for-brute-forcing-4e6j