Interferencias, privacy activism



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Interferencias is a group based in Spain that started on September of 2016. The idea of the group started with the concern of some students at the university about their data and their privacy. Starting in Granada, there were already a lot of speeches and tech events in the city, so we decided to launch our message in these meetings. We started giving speeches about privacy and security, and having a monthly meeting to discuss news, advances and curiosities related to our main topics.

To the day, we have already some followers interested in keep listening and sharing their own knowledge. We are also starting a Biohacking group, preparing a podcast and maybe a radio program, organizing an event in collaboration with two Spanish (friendly) hacking groups, and preparing ourselves to give support to future Interferencias allies in other countries and different cities.

We mostly write in Spanish but we want to start translating our post to English, French and Catalan.

If you are into all of this, you can check us in our blog, Twitter or join us in the telegram group (spanish mostly). You can also ask whatever in the mail,

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