What about privacy?



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The state of being free from public attention or unsanctioned intrusion: a person’s right to privacy.

So yes, this is not a matter of data importance, or a matter of “do anyone even care”, is a matter of rights. Today I’m talking about Privacy Politics and acceptance of Terms without reading them.

Privacy Policies and Terms of use are a necessary weapon of apps and programs online and offline in order to cover themselves in case of pursuing. It’s also important so they can tell the users their way of act and manifesto. But, many of them are very long (not like they want them to look boring or anything -that might be, in some cases- but because they have to clarify many aspects).

We all have the sin of not have read (or even for some, not read at all) the terms of use and privacy policy of stuff before download it. Probably your life wont change too much, but hey, it’s your privacy we are talking about, so be careful.

For example, one of the most important things is third parties access to our data. This is quite extensive, as third party could be whatever company, and the limits are described in that text you don’t ever read. Some terms even give up all responsibility in this matter, but we wouldn’t know until we have a problem.

I had a problem with facebook, not so long ago. They changed the terms afterwards, and I wouldn’t accept them, as I read it and found it crazy. They even asked me to send a copy of my ID Card, totally crazy, now I just don’t have facebook (and that’s totally fine with me, I’m even happier).

Yep! Totally true.

Key words depends on your interests but, here’s a list of general important key words:

  • third parties
  • security
  • personal
  • personal information

Look carefully what conditions are attached to these. This might give you a general idea of what you are signing for, and if you feel your agreement is being violated, just contact them.

You don’t have to be a criminal to be careful with your privacy. I mean, that’s what it is, PRIVACY, and should be respected. It’s not a matter of hiding yourself, (of course if police needs your data for something, just be nice to them, they are doing their job), it’s a matter of knowledge, and knowing your rights.

The users data is being used for statistics, to know what the public like and offer it. That’s generally, a good idea, but can be very intrusive.

Don’t be merely data.

Be a person with knowledge of your rights, and really decide if you accept them.